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Episode 2: Sir SirSeatSitter

| Saturday Knight In The Morning | No Comments
Sir SirSeatSitter drops in and we discuss podcasting and the studio. Bill gets an ego boost and we talk Q. Then we chase the dragon around and talk geopolitics.

Episode 1: Sir Gene

| Saturday Knight In The Morning | No Comments
Sir Gene stops by the show and talks about his dad's accident. We get into the business of podcasting. Bill gets an ego boost then some internet nostalgia leads into…

"It gets a yeah, but not right off."

John C.

"and if you ever threaten my kids again you will regret it for the rest of your sad pathetic life..."

Sir Spencer, Wolf of

"Your Christmas line is way overused. Like in the first five minutes, I wanted to reach through my phone and punch you in the face no less than five times."

Truthy- Jester of

"Ahahah... Not what I expected.. loved it!"

"Cringe fake comedian Bill."

Lucas CovalYouTube Commenter

"I loved it LOL!"


"A scatological journey through the theater of the mindless."

Sir Spike